Tom Thumb Race

So I figured I’d actually put some content up here and show off a race for 5e that I’ve been tooling around with.

Tom Thumbs
They’re small men who live short lives and leave a grand impression. They can be found on carriages driven by mice, as royal dwarfs or as brave giant killers with their 4 inch pikes.

Literally an inch tall

  • Reduce the dice size of weapons they wield by 2 categories, down to a minimum of 1 damage
  • Ranged weapons that tom thumbs use have half range
  • Can move through small combatants spaces without penalty
  • Can share a 5ft area with allies with no penalty
  • Items sized for a tom thumb weigh 1/10th the normal weight
  • Tom thumbs have an encumbrance limit of 1/10th normal

20ft base movement
Wriggler: Advantage on rolls to resist a grapple, for those times when they’re grabbed by a child or swallowed by a fish

Short Age
A tom thumb lives for only one year. The bonuses from a prior stage in life are replaced with the ones by a new stage whenever a tom thumb ages.

  • Child and Teen(1-3 months): +1 cha, +1 con, +1 str
  • Full grown(3-6 months): +1 dex, +1 con, +2 str
  • Mid-life(6-9 months): +1 str, +1 int, +2 wis
  • Elder(9-12 months): -1 str, -1 con, -1 dex, +2 wis, +2 int
  • Ancient(12+ months): -2 str, -2 con, -2 dex, +4 wis, +2 int
    At ancient age, the GM rolls a 1d4 at the start of each month. An effect occurs in 4d6 days, with a 1-2 meaning the tom thumb dies of old age and a 3-4 meaning a 1d6 is rolled to determine an ability score to reduce by 1.

Tom Thumb is the mightiest of d&d races. Hopefully your character joins King Arthur’s court as a knight, not his dwarf, and doesn’t get swallowed by too many giants or fishes.

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