Here are links to some of our humble products. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed making them!

Curse of the Shrine Goddess
A man built a temple to a woman who died. It became a shrine for those who lost a spouse. Later, much later, A young couple came. Their tribes warred so they could only marry in death. It was poison. Which angered HER. They walk the temple ever since, cursed by a shrine spirit. She has a hatred of suicide only dead widows can know.

The Atheneum of Yearning
The atheneum was a center of learning which became the headquarters of a dangerous cult. Where forgotten ones hoped to be chosen for the pure land. Their rituals went wrong during the city’s raid. Now it’s been forgotten inside its containment cube for 50 years. Until a secret entrance was found in the basement of a nearby house. Only the players have access to this hidden chamber for now.

Kumite! Bloodsport of Champions
You’ve has been invited to the Kumite, a bloodsport tournament of the planets greatest warriors! An invitation always appears as a letter from a masked man slipping out from the shadows. You’ve been invited to Aishanga, a tropical island in the lake of souls that only appears under a full moon. The kumite has always existed. It will always exist. To those invited, the boatman will always appear on the shore to take them to their destiny

 Mines, Claws & Princesses
The groom is dead, the bride Sunnhild taken. Men rave in pain whilst their women wail in sorrow. Blood mixed with tears, the chieftain Erfried cries out “Only you are left who can hold a sword. Go now. The orcs ride to Sanjikar and you must follow.”